Common Aquarium Fish Diseases and Treatments

As an owner, you will have to face to some tragic events that happen to your aquarium. One of them is that your fish can get sick and die of a disease. So, you need to know

Benefits of Aquatic Plants in the Aquarium

Floating aquarium plants offer a huge benefit to the aquarium. Aquatic Plants have many chemical and physical benefits in addition to their natural decoration. They play an important role for a thriving and healthy aquarium. They are

How Many Guppies In A 10 Gallon Tank Can You Fit?

Most owners want to get all guppies they see at a pet store because they are so adorable. But, they don’t know the number of guppies they can fit safely in a typical tank. Although these fishes

The Best Light For Aquarium Plants

The type of lighting you are using for your aquarium can be able to make a huge difference in its appearance.If you have live aquarium plants in your tank, you will need the lighting for their viability.

How to Decorate a Fish Tank

If you have a new fish and an aquarium, you will want to add decorations. Thanks to decorations, you can add a theme as well as bring the look of the tank together.We recommend you to start