How to Decorate a Fish Tank

If you have a new fish and an aquarium, you will want to add decorations. Thanks to decorations, you can add a theme as well as bring the look of the tank together.We recommend you to start with the substrate. Then, it’s time to move on to both manufactured as well as natural objects. Check out this article to learn how to decorate a fish tank.

Choose a Substrate

Try a colorful sand for a beautiful base

Because there are a lot of aquarium sand, so you can choose anything you want as a base for your aquarium. Light colors are actually glittery in water.They allow you to layer different colors. But, avoid making them mixed up over time.

Try colorful gravel as a base

Aquarium gravel also has many colors to add decoration to your tank. Just by choosing a nice blue, you can create an ocean-like effectlike hot pink, green, or yellow. In fact, you can also get already mixed gravel. This is also great for your fish.

Skip it altogether for a clean look

You needn’t give your fish a substrate. So, skip it if you want. Also, you needn’t pay attention to glass pebbles as a substrate. They can’t help to grow the good bacteria in your tank.

Add Natural Touches

Consider choosing rocks for a theme

They can give a decorative touch to your aquarium. You can choose from rocks like quartz,lava rock, slate, and petrified wood. In addition, you can also choose honey onyx, desert rock,ice rock,zebra rock, and rainbow rock. Large rocks come with many layers. So, your fish can swim through them.

Use driftwood for a more natural touch

Driftwood can give your tank an ocean-like natural feel. It’s easy to find it along rivers and beaches. Also, you can buy it at a pet store. But, it’s important to boil it before you put it in your fish tank.

Make a miniature ocean from shells

You can get a natural feel thanks to shells. In fact, your fish seems bigger because of smaller shells. And, large shells can be able to create a theme. For instance, you can use large orange in order to make a mermaid’s home. 

Seashells mostly come in many colors including browns, yellows, reds, whites, oranges, and pinks. This is essential for you when building the color scheme. Also, you can think about some mother-of-pearl shells with more brilliant colors.

Add a spark of green with live plants

You can use plants to hide some things like the filtration system in your aquarium. It’s best to use a variety of plants because of different leaf shapes as well as plant sizes. But, avoid placing all the plants at the front. This can prevent you from the view. Instead, we recommend you to use them as part of the background in your tank.

Use Manufactured Additions

Use more green with plastic plants

Although these plants are not appealing, they look quite lifelike today. You can also use them in order to hide your filtration system. It’s a great idea to place some plants in the center of the aquarium.And, try smaller plants around rocks and other items.

Create a theme with novelty items

You can buy novelty items to add to your tank from most pet stores. In fact, it’s great to choose anything from treasure chests such as mermaids and plastic divers. They can help to create a particular feel. But, because they are related to an ocean theme, you will be limited when choosing.

Use ceramic pieces for art

You can get an artistic touch to the aquarium thanks to ceramic pieces. They are available in a wide variety of patterns. That’s why it’s easy to create a color theme. Moreover, they have many different styles and colors as well.

Use old glass jars or bottles

This is also considered as another option for free. It’s best to choose bright colors such as blue or green. They can give you a beach-like feeling. The thing you need to do is cleaning them completely. At the same time, remove the label. And, they will add color to the aquarium.

Decorate Around the Fish Tank

Tie it together with a background

Pieces of plastic are the background. They cling to the back of the aquarium. If you want to get a clean look, it’s best to try a solid color. Also, it’s a great idea to choose the background as ocean water or sand. They will give you a beach feel.

Keep the theme going

Your theme going needs to be kept by the area around the fish tank. You can consider adding pieces outside the tank such as a pirate’s hat, the bowl of gold coins, or small wooden statue.

Tie into the color scheme

You should choose colors you choose in your tank for the outside of the tank. For instance, if you choose pinks and reds, it’s best to choose them on the shelves around the tank. You can choose candles,knickknacks,vases, or books. They should be the same colors.

Continue the theme by similar styles of plants

You should use plants to create your theme outside the tank. In fact, you can’t use the exact same plants. So, it’s best to pick fake ones with a similar shape or leaf.