The Best Light For Aquarium Plants

The type of lighting you are using for your aquarium can be able to make a huge difference in its appearance.If you have live aquarium plants in your tank, you will need the lighting for their viability. Actually, choosing the right lighting can help your plants thrive.

On the contrary, if you use the wrong lighting system, they can prevent you from getting the beautifully planted tank you envisioned. In this article, we will list the best light for your aquarium plants.

The available Types Of Aquarium Lighting

Nowadays, there are a lot of lighting systems made for performing different functions for your tank. Let’s check out for the major choices an aquarist when it comes to the aquarium lighting.

Incandescent light

An aquarium with imitation plants and decorations can come with a basic and inexpensive incandescent light. This type ensures to adequately illuminate your fish as well as your decorations. They can be able to produce a lot of heat. But, the type isn’t energy efficient. They also will cost more to run than others. Well, this type is not a great choice for your tank.

Fluorescent lights

The second step up in choosing the lighting includes fluorescent lights. It costs more than an incandescent fixture. But, it comes with the longer bulb life. Moreover, it is also energy efficient.

Fluorescents have a huge range of intensities and light spectrums. So, it can be able to help enhance the appearance and health of your tank’s inhabitants. They allow you to choose bulbs in order to produce light in the blue and red regions of the color spectrum. They are important for your aquatic plant growth. This is actually a great option for many planted aquariums.

Metal halide lights

Metal halide lights contain systems with the high-intensity discharge. You can choose this type of light for reef tanks in particular. They are also great for tanks over 24 inches deep. It may be a challenge to obtain the intensity of illumination of metal halides with others. These lights can be used to counteract the heat production. That’s why these lights are not a good choice for the economy.

LEDs lights

LEDs or light emitting diode lights are considered as a new addition to aquarium lighting. The electroluminescence is the method LEDs employ the light generation. They are more expensive, but they can produce more effective lights than all other types of aquarium lights.

Also, they can generatevery little heat. They are great for aquatic plant life. They are famous for a PAR value. So, you can easily make your choice. They are popular for aquarium enthusiasts. In addition, they have many features as lighting effects and remote control.

The Best Lights For Aquarium Plants

All Glass Aquarium Fluorescent Strip Light

If you are looking for a good entry level light for your aquarium, this is a good choice. This product allows you to feed your fish easily. This is a good choice for freshwater use. Also, it can help to deal with any T8 fluorescent tube. In addition, it has a full spectrum light. That’s why it’s best for general aquarium needs. There are many choices from 16 to 48 inches size.

GLO T5 HO, Single Light High Output Linear Fluorescent Lighting System

This brand has become a trusted name in aquarium products on the market. They are good for the planted freshwater aquarium. Also, it comes with a built-in reflector that helps to increase light reflection as well as intensity. The products are available in sizes from 24 to 54 inches.

They allow you to install easily on many size tanks. It has a slim design that helps you place up to six of these on an 18 inches wide aquarium. This product doesn’t require a glass top to protect your lighting system.

Instead, it can be able to work with any properly sized T5 replacement bulbs. The system will produce light in the blue-red spectrum. So, it’s great for growing aquatic plants. They are perfect for the aquarist that needs more light than a T8 system. But, it still can help to remain more affordable than other systems.

FluvalAquasky LED system

This system is made to provide lighting options suitable for aquarium plants that require low to moderate light intensity. This system can also create lighting effects that purposes to enhance the tank’s appearance. At the same time, it can help to generate adequate light to grow your plants. Thanks to this system, you can simulate different weather effects such as a lightning storm or a cloudy day.

They are available in many different sizes. They can be up to 12 inches or further. So, they are perfect for tanks of varying size.Also, they are affordable choices on the market today. They promise to offer vibrant light as well as encourage plant growth.

FinnexFugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light

This is a good choice for a planted aquarium. It is suitable for any size tank. Especially, the system concentrates on the red portion of the light spectrum.

This is an important role to promote plant growth. Also, this product is considered as one of the most effective for promoting photosynthesis. It can also create a pleasing nighttime appearance because of a moonlight feature. It’s available in a slim design. It is a long bulb life of 40,000 hours. It can be able to create excellent light for your aquarium plants.

Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Light With Timer

This system is made to keep your aquarium plants flourishing. It’s a good choice for the money. The system comes with secure mounting legs. That allows you to set for any aquarium from 18 to 60 inches length. It comes with an integrated clock and timer, so you can easily program of daylight and lunar modes. It ensures to help you keep a lush and planted aquarium.